Windsurf is a water sport that consists of moving on water on a board thanks to the propulsion of the wind on the sail. The latter is mounted on a pole attached to the board that will be controlled by the windsurfer with the use of the boom. You will find the adrenaline of Windsurf pure.


Stand up paddle is a variation of Surfing, standing on a large board using a propulsion paddle. A sport born with the intention of surfing the waves, they are used for pleasant laps on calm sea days.


The Surf, which means to slip on the waves, is a water sport. The objective is to navigate the waves using a surfboard, you have to float along the wave wall while standing on the board. It is a dynamic and sensational sport. Absolutely must try!


Kitesurf is a sailing sport, born as a variant of surf, which consists of being towed by a sail that uses wind and maneuvered by a bar. Kitesurf practice with the board at your feet with which you plan on the water. The key element of the kitesurf is the wind.