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Surf courses in Chia at the Wind Wave Club

At the Beach Su Giudeu of Chia in Sardinia, you will find our school and you can take the Surf courses and learn this fantastic sport. The Surf, which means to slip and glide on the waves, is a water sport. The goal is to ride the waves using a surfboard, you have to ride along the waves wall while standing on the board. It is a dynamic and sensational sport. Try it! The course includes a theoretical lesson to understand how to navigate and move on to the Surf board, a heating and water session starting with the smallest waves. The instructor will explain the rules of behavior at sea and will follow you step by step until you can take the waves independently while remaining balanced on the board.

surf chia-sardinia

The Surf pushes both the young and the experienced to practice, without forgetting that the Wind Wave Club School organizes courses in the most beautiful waters of Sardinia, at the best spot to do water sports, Chia.