wind wave club


Kitesurfing courses at the Wind Wave Club

At the Beach Su Giudeu of Chia in Sardinia you will find our school and you can practice kitesurfing and learn this wonderful sport. Kitesurfing has now become a sport accessible to everyone with more and more avant-garde and innovative materials, so everything will be in the utmost safety. The first step towards this sport will be theoretical, relating to sailboats, rules, safety rules, and flight-flight learning using a 1-2 mq simulator. Then follow the installation of the 4-wire kite only if you have a good control of the simulator, allowing you to go to the water and practice the body drag. Then you will body drag directly to the water by repeating the exercises that were previously grounded. Finally, there is the refinement of body drag and table recovery. In the last lesson the technique of starting with the table is explained.


Chia is ideal for kitesurfing because it has a wide exposure to the winds, greek, eastern, sirocco and leccio give all the beautiful waves. During the summer season in the early afternoon there is the thermal wind that allows you to go out with the boat and make the kitesurf off.